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Our interactive M Logistics Product helps you to simplify complex and
highly challenging delivery and logistics business processes.

Explore Our Key Features

Manage Stores, Place orders, track inventory, Offline sync, payment tracker, interactive web admin, stay up-to-date ​with our transport and logistics mobile application

Inventory Manager

Complete supervision of inventory with the status of new, damaged, returned product as it enters or leaves a warehouse or point of sale

Stock Manager

Interactive web admin for monitoring inventory level, scheduling employee shifts to organize the shipment and reception of products

Product Rule

Customize product pricing by applying rules based on customers requirements

Working Offline

App and Web Dashboard will work seamlessly online and offline


Automated report generation of employees, product, order, delivery

Order Manager

Streamline order processing with Manage Orders, Tracking orders and order status with payments

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M Logistics

M Logistics app now available for download. Make your Business like never before .

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